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2022 Student Achievements

  • Sierra Mongovius - Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Level 3 Classical - 1st Place

  • Sierra Mongovius - Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Level 3 Etude - 2nd Place

  • Sierra Mongovius - Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Level 3 Baroque - 2nd Place

  • Sierra Mongovius - Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Level 3 20th & 21st Century - 3rd Place

  • John Crowle - RCM Level 2 Piano DISTINCTION

  • Brendan Lo - RCM Level 9 Piano FIRST CLASS HONORS

  • Jakob Yanko (Alberta) - RCM Level 1 FIRST CLASS HONORS

  • Rachel Zhu - RCM Level 2 Piano FIRST CLASS HONORS

  • Wilson Wong - RCM Level 2 Piano FIRST CLASS HONORS

2021 Student Achievements

  • Sierra Mongovius - Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Level 1 Etude - 2nd Place

  • Brendan Lo - Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Level 9 Etude - 2nd Place

  • Shirley Leung - Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Level 9 Etude - 3rd Place

  • Leif Nordby - Accepted into SFU Music Program

  • Sierra Mongovius - RCM Level 1 Piano DISTINCTION

  • John Crowle - RCM Level 1 Piano DISTINCTION

  • Janelle Mandawe (Ontario) - RCM Level 8 Piano DISTINCTION

  • Oceana Leung - RCM Prep B Piano DISTINCTION

  • Charles Gander (Ontario) - RCM Level 1 FIRST CLASS HONORS

2020 Student Achievements

  • Shirley Leung - RCM Level 8 Piano FIRST CLASS HONORS

  • Amy Ye - RCM Level 6 Piano FIRST CLASS HONORS


Why learn music? Serious training in music will cultivate skills that are the key elements to success in life. "Practice makes permanent". There is a reason why we hear this phrase so much. Music will show you, by putting in the work, you will eventually see results. When you practice more, you will get better. This teaches you that you get what you put in effort for.

Playing music with others whether in an emsemble or accompanying, teaches you to collaborate. You learn when to solo and when to follow. Practicing music sharpens qualities like listening, creative thinking, articulation in communicating, problem solving, and building confidence.

Whether or not my students decide to become a professional musicians, I want to pass on these key qualities through learning and enjoying music so they may succeed in any field they go into.



Hi everyone! I been teaching students of all levels from beginner to advanced including professional musicians for over 10 years. I believe on focus in building proper technique that will allow students to advance quicker and learn music with ease. 

I completed the RCM ARCT piano practical and graduated from Capilano University with Music Diploma majoring in Piano with minor in Vocal. I also completed a Conducting Certificate from Capilano. In 2016, I adjudicated for the Casio local youth piano competition which was filmed and aired on China television. I also participated in a local concerto competition performing the second movement of Chopin's Piano Concerto Op.11. 

As a highly skilled pianist, I have also worked extensively as an accompanist playing for many soloists to prepare for auditions, masterclasses, performances, and exams. Aside from just piano, I also sang, conducted, and accompanied University level choirs.

No matter what your goals are in music, I can help you build the skills to reach them.


Piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn. Over my 10 years of teaching, I have developed a very efficient system of helping students build strong technique and understanding the fundamentals of music. No matter what kind of music you want to play, good technique and music theory is fundamental. I teach my students to become self sufficient and to learn to play anything they want to play.

Do you have a piano? Or a keyboard? There is a big difference between learning on a piano and a keyboard. If you are also looking to purchase an instrument, I can educate you on the differences and options to acquiring one. It doesn't need to be expensive at all to get started.

I take students 5 years and up. The younger the kids are, the more parents will need to participate in their education. I educate parents on how to fully support their kids' learning and to make the whole experience more fun/positive.

Adults can learn to play VERY well. Don't worry about starting late. I've also had students' parents learn piano with me and adults can learn quicker. My method is very straightforward and will help you understand the in's and out's of piano technique.

Musicianship skills is also a separate course I offer to teach to which I can also incorporate into piano lessons. Musicianship include sight-singing, rhythm, and listening skills. These skills are often overlooked for all instrumentalists as a lot of people think they don't directly relate to their playing. If you are interested in taking RCM exams, these skills will be tested but aside from exams, training these skills will significantly improve your playing as an instrumentalist and a musician overall.

Teaching is not just my job, but also my passion. It is more than full time as it is my life and my lifestyle. My teaching philosophy is to inspire students to enjoy music because only when students truly enjoy music, they will learn best. I have a very structured way of teaching piano for beginners. It is very direct and quick to learn but do understand that any physical skill will take time to process.

As I mentioned that music is also my life, I like to build a close relationship with my students and their parents. Aside from the weekly classes, you will have access to me through any instant messaging platform you prefer (most of my students use WhatsApp and we chat a lot!). When I had problems during practice, I used to have to wait until the next class to get answers. I do not want my students to have to go through the same unnecessary wait which halts progress.

As I like to perform myself, I make sure my students have lots of performance opportunities.

Have a chat with me to find out more!


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Build the right skills

Learn to play like a concert pianist

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  • Learn to play like a concert pianist

  • Build solid foundation for piano technique

  • Learn to read music faster

  • Improve sight reading which allows you to learn music quickly

  • Prepare for RCM exams at any level

  • Mock exams

  • University audition preparations

  • Learn to play music you want


  • Learn how theory apply to practical playing in music

  • Learn how history apply to the classical music

  • Prepare for RCM exams including Rudiments, Harmony, and History

  • Mock exams

  • Private and group lessons offered


  • Learn to sight sing

  • Learn to sing and play

  • Improve your rhythm skills

  • Build on coordination through multi-part rhythm exercises

  • Sing with four-part choral music

  • Build on listening skills such as identifying intervals, chord types, and chord progressions

  • Notate melodies, rhythm, and chords from listening


Ben began learning piano when he was around 6 years old. Like most kids growing up in Canada, he went through the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. Aside from the practical piano playing, RCM requires sight-reading and listening skills to be tested for examinations which accounts for approximately 20% of the final mark. Many of his teachers had expected these abilities to be naturally developed, whereas he always felt ashamed because he thought it was my innate lack of talent. It significantly affected my confidence as a musician. As he advanced, his fear and anxiety of the examinations only increased as the requirements of these skills became exponentially more demanding. Ben designed this Musicianship Program to nurture a well-rounded musician to excel in all areas of music including elementary to high school music classes; band/choir classes; music school, choir, and university auditions; and RCM examinations. It was not until he started the music program in university that he realized each of these disciplines had its own course and how much time it required to establish a solid foundation.

Ben Wong's Musicianship Program is based off of university classes he took but modified to cater to children and beginners. This program will help students develop strong sight-singing, rhythm, and listening skills. The skills that this class will provide include learning to sing from reading a score, notating melodies and rhythms from listening, and singing individual lines in 2-4 part choral music. These skills will directly cover the sight-reading and listening sections of RCM exams, give voice students an edge in learning music and singing in choirs, as well as identifying melodic and harmonic elements from listening.

  • Promote discipline through weekly testing

  • Improve coordination through rhythm singing and tapping exercises up to 3 part rhythms

  • Identify intervals, chord types, cadences, and chord progressions from listening

  • Learn to notate melodies and rhythms from listening

  • Increase positive performance and learning experiences through interacting with peers

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Feel free to get in touch to book a no-obligation session to find out more about learning with me.

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